Ecological The ecological cleaning cloth that is revolutionizing the concept of cleanliness

Limpia Fácil® is a cloth that revolutionizes cleaning tasks in the home, the car, outside etc. providing spectacular results.

A new MULTIUSE cloth with the high cleaning power of MICROFIBERS. Limpia Fácil® can clean the whole house, giving excellent results in everyday cleaning tasks. Limpia Fácil® is more effective in areas of difficult access.

Limpia Fácil® thoroughly cleans any surface and space in the house: grease in the kitchen, appliances, stainless steel, bathrooms and kitchen tiles, crystals and mirrors ... as well as completely removing dust from any corner of the home.

Limpia Fácil® dries and polishes your car without leaving marks. With spectacular results Limpia Fácil® is used to dry the car after tunnel washing, plus it also dries windows and mirrors with no scratches leaving them shiny.

It is a 100% organic and environmentally friendly item that is completely recyclable.

Check how Limpia Fácil® can save time and money.

You can feel the adherence of the cloth simply by touching it and feel how the fibers cling to your skin, which is why it shifts and picks up all specks of dirt.