Cleaning Wipes & Mop Cleaning Wipes

Limpia Fácil® cleaning wipes clean only with water. They need no detergents, although they can be used with standard cleaning products. They trap grease and dirt without leaving a trace of fibers.

Spectacular results on all types of surfaces: glass, walls, floors, furniture, taps, bathrooms, and on all types of materials: metals, wood, ceramic surfaces, leather, plastic...

Manufactured with a double layer of tissue, they may be used on both sides. Incredible results when used as a mop.

Manufactured in different sizes and colors. Absorbent (8.5 times their weight in water)


Mop Mops

Limpia Fácil®mops are "anti-crisis" mops, because of their outstanding durability. There is no comparable market item.

With a unique design and a DOUBLE layer of fabric, the Limpia Fácil® mop multiplies its power of absorption (absorption capacity 0.8 liters of water), facilitating cleaning and fluid collection.

No need for detergents, as it can be cleaned with water, although it can be used with standard cleaning products.

Traps grease and dirt without a trace of fibes, with spectacular results on all types of surfaces.

DOUBLE SAVINGS: time and effort, because the number of times you need to wet the mop in the bucket is reduced, and PRICE SAVINGS, because of its extraordinary durability. It lasts longer than other mops on the market. It is "ALMOST EVER-LASTING".


Towels Towels

Extraordinary power of absorption. Dry Body® towels are an essential partner for cleaning the bathroom and for beauty. They absorb more than the others (8.5 times their weight in water).

Ideal for use after the shower and bath, at home and in gyms and sports clubs. These towels are also highly valued by professionals in hairdressing and beauty salons.

With an extraordinary power of absorption and, at the same time, lightweight and easy to transport, these towels have also become essential items for excursions, camping, travel, etc.

Manufactured in different sizes and colors.


Turban Turban

Indispensable after washing your hair, both at home and in gyms and sports clubs.

Any hair style, however abundant and long, will be left practically dry after the use of the Dry Body® Turban Hat, reducing drying time both in the open air and with a hair drier.

Easy use and maintenance, and with a studied design and finished off with a button so that towels wrapped around the head won’t fall off, bother the ears, and stop the scalp from breathing.

Also very suitable to enhance the effect of hair treatments.


Mitten Mitten

The Dry Body® mitten is an essential partner for bathroom cleaning and beauty in the home, and in gyms and sports clubs, ...

Absorbs more than the others (8.5 to 9 times its weight in water) occupying minimal space.

It can be used on both sides: on the outside to dry the body after a shower or bath and then the mitten can be turned inside out for the inside to wipe away the remaining moisture. Besides being a completely ecological product, it also protects the environment.

Just imagine saving water, soap and energy washing with this small sized mitten in comparison with a shower or bath towel that is commonly used.


Make-up remover pads Make-up remover pads

Made with our exclusive 100% polyester microfiber tissue, this item is an essential partner in the task of removing makeup.

With two faces, clearly differentiated by their color, you can use the pink face for removing makeup and the white face to finish removing heavy makeup and/or for drying.

It can easily be washed alone with water or with standard products, by hand or machine, at a cold or even at a higher temperature.