Limpia Facil - The ecological cleaning cloth that is revolutionizing the concept of cleanliness

Limpia Fácil® cloth is specially designed to clean any type of surface.

A totally ecological multipurpose cloth.

Traps dirt without a trace of fibers.

What’s more, the cleaning cloth doesn’t just shift the dust, it picks it up completely and is highly absorbent (8.5 times its weight in water)

Limpia Facil


An ecological cloth that needs no chemical products for cleaning. Clean only with water but use it with standard cleaning products, in accordance with the surface and the product to be cleaned.

It respects the environment, as it reduces the use of harmful chemical agents.

It is also suitable for use in hospitals and maternity wards, as it can be sterilized by boiling, becoming a permanently sterile product.

Its capacity to trap dirt and allergens keeps our environment in a very healthy condition.

Made with 100% polyester microfiber, the Limpia Fácil® cleaning cloth is fully recyclable.