Cleaning with water has never been easier since the arrival of Limpia Fácil®

Easily descales and removes grease in kitchens and on stainless steel with minimum effort.

Cleans and polishes kitchen and bathroom tiles without leaving a trace.

Cleans and polishes glass and mirrors leaving them bright and shiny.

Shifts and picks up dust from those difficult-to-access corners without a trace. Not a single speck of dust after using Limpia Fácil®.

Dry and polish your car with a single pass. Limpia Fácil® gives better results than traditional soft cloths.

This cloth NEVER leaves a trace of fibers. It is unique on the market.

Limpia Fácil

Cleans more and better than any other product on the market

They’re more economical, as they’ last longer.

More absorbent. Limpia Fácil® absorbs 8.5 times its weight in water.

Its maintenance is easy, as it is rinsed in water. It may also be washed with any kind of detergent and even with bleach and it withstands washing at high temperature and can tumble dry. It is recommended not to use softeners, as these can affect absorption.

It is softer to the touch thanks to its microfibers.

Limpia Fácil® is composed of continuous fibers which leave no waste such as cut or natural fibers, cotton and natural woven fibers. The extremely fine polyester fibers mean Limpia Fácil® products completely trap the dust, as well as grease and dirt that is found adhering to any surface.

Double action: The double action of Limpia Fácil® products is based on their 100% polyester composition and their double layer of fabric. Effective use of both faces.

Its completely natural positive charge attracts dirt and dust leaving no traces. Cleans thoroughly, no dust is thrown off, it just cleans it all away.

Cleans and polishes without scratching. The fiber with which the product is manufactured is highly durable, giving it a highly abrasive power, together with its expert manufacturing process, meaning it can polish and shine surfaces without scratching.

Limpia Fácil® has high levels of acceptance. It is highly–even enthusiastically- appreciated in cleaning tasks. When compared with traditional mops, it is far in advance of all other mops in tests, because of its appearance and its effectiveness and quality.

Mop Cloth Grease removal power.

Absorptive capacity.

Easy maintenance and cleaning.

Cleans surfaces more thoroughly.

More shine.

Dirt and dust take longer to accumulate.

Colors A multiuse cloth that simplifies the cleaning process

Saves time and space.

Ecological and mite repellent properties.

Has a better texture, is softer.

Savings on additional products on most occasions.

Bright colors.